Jess's Story

"So far, I've either achieved or exceeded the original goals that I set."

Jodi's Story

"I'm feeling stronger, I have more energy, and as a results, I'm happier!"


"For years I worked out. I never got any results until I joined Results Driven Fitness. 

My whole body changed in just months. The workout program rocks, as well as the nutrition program. Not only do I look better. I feel better."

Jennifer practicing a new exercise


What were your workouts like before joining? Your Nutrition?
My previous workouts were boring treadmill runs that were hurting my knees and left me uninspired. 

My nutrition was mostly low carb and generally pretty healthy.

What are your training sessions like now? The training at RD is much more focused on me and my needs. It can even be personalized in a large group. I feel great when I'm done and have so much more energy.

What are your goals going forward?
I have many personal goals now that I am a member. I not only the goal of weight loss and better health, but now I look forward to the day when I can kettlebell swing. I know that I will reach that goal. I have all ready progressed with my training and can lift without all of the back pain I previously experienced.

What specific results have you gotten since joining? Weight, dress size, belt size? Does your body feel better? How?
I have lost 4 pounds so far but far more important is I can see changes when I look in the mirror. I am more toned than when I started and my clothes fit better.

What's the biggest impact training at Results Driven has had on your life?
The training at RD has made me reevaluate my goals and how they can be reached and I am more confident in my ability to reach those goals.

Would you recommend Results Driven Fitness Systems? If so, why?
I recommend RD because it's an interesting, fun way to work out, and even if you have back pain or knee pain like myself, the workouts can be adjusted to manage those issues.

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"The difference at Results Driven Fitness is the Coaches/Trainers, and Nutritionist (yup, nutritionist) is they truly care about your all around well being. The coaches work with you to achieve goals both in strength and your eating habits. The entire team and members know everyone by name. 

At the gyms I've previously belonged to, I was just a member doing what I thought I should be doing, and it didn't work! 

Today I can say I'm stronger, happier with my appearance, and most of all I look forward to seeing the coaches and my workout friends."