Begin Something Great


It’s your first appointment at a new gym. You haven't done any form of exercise in… you don’t actually remember how long. A myriad of questions run through your mind: Who am I meeting with? What will they be like? Am I too old to workout? Will this work for me?

You have doubts! That’s okay. Let us ease your anxiety.

It all starts with Your strategy Session...

At RD, our students begin with an initial, one-on-one appointment with a Results Coach. Why? Because it’s important for us to understand who you are. First, we want to learn about injuries, past and present, any chronic pains, and other relevant medical information. We discuss your goals: what you want to get out of this experience? Do you want to, lose weight, run a 5k or keep up with your kids, or grandkids, as you get older? We have members working to do all of these things. 

Fancy Measurements

After discussing injury history and goals, it’s time for measurements. This fancy scale tells us your muscle mass, body fat mass, and percent body fat. We do them for 2 reasons. One, we need to get a baseline to make sure what you are doing inside of the gym and, more importantly, outside of the gym, is working. Two, a traditional scale doesn’t give you a complete picture of your body composition. Seeing your weight go up isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Muscle could be skyrocketing but you wouldn’t know that from a traditional scale. 


Movement Assessment

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) helps us understand how you move. It’s a systematic assessment of your joints to determine your mobility, balance, core strength, and more. The FMS shows us where you are starting, exercises that will be important for you, and which membership options will be most appropriate to help you maximize your success. The screen gives us corrective exercises to help move better. Clearing up the weak link(s) in someone's movement unlocks their full potential and builds a solid foundation upon which fitness can be built.

You won't find a more caring coaching staff than at Results Driven!

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