Team Training

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Team training is our high-energy group class! A RD Coach leads a group warm-up including stretching and patterning movements. After that, we’re off to the races! First, there’s a strength circuit, where students move though different exercise stations. At the end, there’s a finisher to increase member’s endurance. Classes end with a group huddle, encouraging words and high-fives for everyone! Members are in and out of the door in 60 minutes!

Small Group Training

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Small Group Training (SGT) is where RD members shine. This is their opportunity to learn new skills and experience true strength training. In SGT, we take the information we gather from the Functional Movement Screen and individualize your workout. Not all movements are appropriate for everyone when they first start. SGT allows members to practice movements they’re still learning and attack ones they excel at. This is where movement ninjas are made!


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Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or becoming healthier, nutrition can’t be overlooked. Everyone knows eating right is important, but the hardest part is creating the habits to make healthy eating sustainable. That’s where we come in! Nutrition accountability meetings give members a chance to ask questions and share their experiences with an RD coach. A lot of the time, most people have the right ideas, but consistency is the issue. Food journaling and talking to a coach go a long way when you’re becoming the best version of yourself.