Jodi's Story

"I'm feeling stronger, I have more energy, and as a results, I'm happier!"

Jennifer practicing a new exercise


What were your workouts like before joining? Your Nutrition?

My workouts prior to RD have been at both ends of the spectrum. From nothing at all to spending hours in the gym 5 days/week doing 1 hour of cardio followed by weight training and spin classes. Riding bikes, hiking, etc. But since my hip replacement it has been more sedentary than moving!!

As far as nutrition I have starved myself, done every fad diet known to man and at times absolutely nothing at all.

What are your training sessions like now?

I have been doing the 5:45 am small group classes 3 days/week and getting in a hike on the weekend. The RD system has been the only system that I have been able to get behind and trust. The coaches have designed a workout and FMS moves around my physical limitations and have taught me each move and term along the way. This is definitely something that I feel can be a part of my life forever.

What are your goals going forward?

I have several goals moving forward including getting my weight below 240 lbs and maintaining it. Moving without discomfort and gaining better balance. I also want to be able to eventually do pull ups again and kettlebell swing.

What specific results have you gotten since joining? Weight, pant size, belt size? Does your body feel better? How?

The immediate results have been in the way I feel. I FEEL GREAT!! Aches and pains are getting less, I am sleeping better and I have a lot more energy. My job is very physical and I am better able to do it. I have lost almost 40 lbs so all of my clothes are fitting much better and more comfortably.

What's the biggest impact training at Results Driven has had on your life?

The biggest impact that RD has had on my life? That's difficult to narrow down. I would say that I am a happier person because of how good I feel and because I am hitting milestones that I thought were out of reach.

If you could go back to when you joined, what advice would you give yourself to help you succeed sooner?

I don't think that succeeding any sooner or faster would have been good. I feel like this is sustainable because I am making steady progress and never feel deprived in my diet or overly sore from my workouts. I know I will reach my goals because I can't imagine how good I will feel when I do, considering how GREAT I feel already!!

Would you recommend Results Driven Fitness Systems? If so, why?

I recommend RD to everyone that will listen. I try to tell them that this is an investment in the quality of your life. Now that my results are becoming more visible I have more people asking me how I did it!! I have since signed my adult daughter up to begin training with RD and I will absolutely continue to sing their praises. The group of coaches at RD are encouraging and full of knowledge that they can't wait to pass on. Anyone that reads this listen up....JOIN RESULTS DRIVEN!!!!! won't be sorry!!

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