Kim G. of Monroe, NY

“This had true, life-threatening potential… but I never doubted I was going to kill that sucker. And we did.”

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I started not feeling well in February, and it wasn't until August that somebody figured out what was wrong. So I hadn't felt terrific for a long while. It's not the first time somebody told me I had cancer, but this was serious stuff. The other was small and contained and was easily removed. This had true, life-threatening potential. 

In the beginning of treatment, I kept thinking I could do things like I always did. For instance, after my first treatment on a beautiful sunny afternoon in October, I went to my nephew's football game, it was seventy degrees and sunny. And I ended up in the hospital the next week because driving two hours and sitting three hours through a football game, it was too much.

Common liberties, going to a grocery store, I stopped going to grocery stores, things like that. There was a little bit of fear involved, but a lot of caution.


I got strength from so many pieces. My medical team, the way the staff here at RD just said, "Okay, we're going to have to adjust things.” My family, my family's great. Such support. So everywhere I went, my workmates, they were wonderful. Everybody just helped me, so I was never alone.

And that guy I married, he was so super.

Thankfully I got it back... It's still coming back. I actually kind of jumped up and down and did one a little dance when the doctor told me there was... Because they never say "You don't have cancer." they say "There's no evidence at this time." So he gave me the best answer he could give me and I did jump up and do a little fist pump.

And then we just celebrated and took a really nice vacation to put the whipped cream on top.

So this was serious stuff. There was true, life-threatening potential. So the fact this was a serious struggle was always in the back of my mind, but I never doubted I was going to kill that sucker.

And we did.

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