Jessica N. of Monroe, NY

“What motivates me are my children. To be stronger and have more energy for them.”

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What motivates me are my children. To be stronger and have more energy for them. 

I’ve had a couple of surgeries which has set me back a lot. It made me lazy and made me feel as if I'm not going to be able to progress more.

Being here, at RD, has given me that strength back. With the knee surgery that I had, it really sucked. So strengthening my knee, my quads and my body in general to be able to walk a little normal because I kind of walk with a little limp sometimes, and that's a little embarrassing to me. 

I just felt like, why am I going to go to the gym? I'm probably not going to do the right things, I'm not going to know how to work out, I'm not going to know what I need to do, how to do it, so I just wouldn’t go, even though I wanted to.

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So one of my goals being here is setting an example to let my kids know that it's important to be healthy, it's important to be strong, to be able to just make exercise a part of your life, not just coming to the gym just to gain all this muscle, but to be healthy. They see how I eat and now they want to copy me, which is nice to see the kids wanting a smoothie with me or wanting to eat more vegetables which was really hard to get them to eat.

I’m here for me, but I definitely do it for them because I need all the energy possible to handle them, because they're very energetic.

-Jessica N of Monroe, NY


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