Kate V. of Monroe, NY

“I just want to set myself up for the next fifty years with being healthy.”


“I’m going to be fifty next year so I'm really trying to get it together in terms of exercise and eating and just working on eliminating some bad habits. It hit me this birthday in May; I always look forward to my next birthday and then I was like ‘Oh my God, my next birthday is fifty.’ It seems big to me and I just want to set myself up for the next fifty years with being healthy.

When I was pregnant with both of my kids I had gestational diabetes and that really made me change my entire nutrition plan. I didn't want to become insulin dependent during my pregnancy, so I watched what I ate and I learned more about glycemic index of food and stuff like that. After eleven years of being a stay-at-home mom when I could exercise at my optimal time, which was in the morning, I just went back to work. 

I have to exercise after work now, which is a huge struggle for me. That's why I joined Results Driven when I realized I needed help. I needed something new and people to be there to help me, and I knew there would be more people helping and more accountability at RD.”

—Kate V. of Monroe, NY

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