Joe S. of Warwick, NY

“That’s what drove me. I just wanted to feel better.”

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"When I was 40, I was overweight and I couldn’t move very well. I had shoulder pain, carpel tunnel in my right hand and I also had tennis elbow. Not from playing tennis, but from overuse with my artwork. My hand would be half numb while I was painting. I started to feel like I was making physical sacrifices to continue doing the art.

About a year prior to that my father had passed away. He was somebody who had ill health over the last 20 years of his life and he went down hill pretty quickly at a somewhat early age of 75. Being 40 and having all these issues and being overweight, I started to feel like I need to do something about it or the next 20 years probably won’t be very fun. That’s what drove me. I just wanted to feel better.

Initially I had gone to a doctor and then an orthopedic and physical therapy, which helped. But then I came here. Working out at RD really helped with the pain, and also helped me make adjustments in my day to day routine. Having to adjust when and how I did my artwork had a positive influence on it.  I definitely feel like I'm in a better physical position now than I was three and a half years ago, which makes me more confident that I will kind of avoid some of the pitfalls and some of the health issues that my father had."

—Joe S. of Warwick, NY

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