Paul K. of Middletown

“If you take the time to do something consistently, you're going to get a good result.”


“I was really static in a lot of different points and it felt really crappy. This problem went back 10 years ago when I started getting knee pain in high school and I went to like 12 different physical therapists and none of them could help me. I just decided, ‘Well if they can't help me then I'm just not going to move. If I don't move then I don't feel the pain.’ I would just kind of sit in my bed thinking I just can't do this.

There'd be times even when I had my time off or when I was by myself, I would just sit there and not do anything. I had a lot of anxiety about it and it was weird because I wouldn't even dream or anything. My sleep was affected and I couldn't move and I would eat a lot of sweets and excess fat. I didn't really know what to do, so I felt like I was just kind of losing on all fronts.

So at that point I read some books and I decided to just do something about it. That's when I found the gym. I think the biggest evolution I had was when I started doing my own program and I had this goal of gaining muscle, and I did it. Getting an exercise routine down and actually moving helped me grow in other areas too. I'm starting to think of having my own business one day and learning different aspects of that. Going to the gym and eating right gave me that confidence to do it. If you take the time to do something consistently, you're going to get a good result.” –Paul K. of Middletown, NY 

–Paul K. of Middletown, NY

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