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“I started therapy, because I couldn't solve certain things on my own, and I felt like it was the missing piece to the puzzle.”

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"Sometimes it’s hard to do life. 

I started therapy, because I couldn't solve certain things on my own, and I felt like it was the missing piece to the puzzle. I work out, I eat well and if you don't take care of the stuff that's in your head and your heart, to heal then you really can't get anywhere

My therapist thought that I either had seasonal depression or anxiety, but then she realized that basically throughout the month I'm good until the week before I get my period. PMDD is directly correlated to hormones and the changes throughout the month of a woman's menstrual cycle. Eventually we figured out;  I have PMDD. 

The biggest thing for me right now is that I feel like a different person when I’m having symptoms. It makes it hard to function, to go to work and be okay. You have eight hours you need to have your shit together and I'll come home and think  “I can't believe I got through the day.” The symptoms may sound like how most people describe PMS, but it’s more extreme than that. I could cry on the drop of a dime and I’m highly sensitive to everything around me. 

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Rather than avoiding more serious topics, I wish more people would embrace them and talk to a professionals that can help.

Through working with my therapist and coach, I am able to find a balance to manage my PMDD.  Stress reduction, diet changes, and managing my workout intensity all help, but it is a constant struggle. 

Going to therapy has made me a better coach. I think I can communicate more effectively and I’ve learned so much about myself. One big thing was learning to say no because I used to be a pushover and be like, sure, yeah, I'll do whatever. I'm like fuck that. I'm not doing that. 

Not everyone has to do an interview about their mental health. It can be private. Five years, 10 years down the road, you're not going to be saying, “I wish I never went to therapy.” But if you don't do anything, you're going to regret it. Or it's just gonna get worse and worse and worse, and then what?

There is also a stigma behind talking about your period, which is bullshit. I think it would benefit women to talk about their mental health, their menstrual cycle or any other hormonal changes we experience as women throughout our lifetime.  We don't have it easy and I think we're strong and we deserve to feel good. Mic drop.”

-Coach Jenna D. of Monroe

The First Step is the Hardest

But we’re here to help!

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