Aaron F. of Harriman, NY

“The mental stress of of having her sister die is rough, and I feel like fitness will help her.”

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I was extremely overweight for the majority of my life. When my daughter Harper had her accident and passed away, I hit rock bottom mentally and physically. Then I lost 140 pounds. We had some struggles at home with the stresses of the changes that we were going through. I stopped going to the gym and I felt like I was lacking normal day-to-day strength because I wasn't doing anything. The only thing I was doing was running, and it was tiring. 

Our oldest daughter Kaylee is ten and she's got some pretty bad anxiety. I was talking with her and she said, ‘Why do you like to run?’ Now she's wanting to get into it, so she started asking, ‘Can I come out and run with you?’ I took her for run on the Heritage Trail the other day and she said, ‘Dad, did you run as a kid?’ And I said, ‘No, I couldn't because I was always so heavy.’  I think she's learning the value of fitness helping her.

I needed an avenue to let the stress out, and I think that my daughter Kaylee is going through the same thing with herself. The mental stress of having her sister die is rough, and I feel like fitness will help her. I don't care if she doesn't want to do anything competitive, just getting out and moving is good for her. My wife's super pregnant right now; Kaylee's ten, Harper would've been six, Rhyann is three, and then the baby's coming in December. My wife definitely sees the impact fitness has on me, so I hope that’ll drive her to also see how it can impact her when she’s ready.” —Aaron F. of Harriman, NY

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