Terri T of Monroe, NY


“I saw my mom struggling with her physical freedom. Walking was her passion, but she was losing her ability to get around. She was falling because of her Alzheimer's and she was not recovering due to osteoporosis. I saw that happening to my mom and I realized I needed to make changes in my lifestyle.

My kids were constantly exercising and working out and they stayed motivated. They actually tried to encourage me to do more but every time I started I would get side tracked by pain. Getting hurt was a big deal for me. It slowed me down and then I couldn't take care of my mom. That became a vicious cycle until I finally stopped into RD. Since then, the coaches have helped me stay healthy. I have not had an exercise-related injury and now my kids are noticing that I am healthier.

When my kids come home they say, "Mom you look really healthy, you look strong." So that's my motivation. In the past, I always wanted them to stay fit and exercise, now they hold me accountable.

It has come full circle. Now with my grandchildren, I am able to lift them over my head. I'm able to take them to the beach. I'm able to crawl with them on the jungle gyms. It's been a wonderful journey for me here because I feel stronger. At my age, staying healthy and being able to feel balanced and strong is very important to me.”

-Terri T of Monroe, NY

Ed McKayComment