Kim A. of Monroe, NY

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"A few years ago my sister committed suicide. She was a Chicago police officer. She was about 4' 11", weighed less than 100 lbs, and about sixteen years before then she had gotten injured on the job, which resulted in tremendous nerve damage in her lower part of her body. She went through surgeries, procedures, everything that was offered all over the country to get relief, but the nerve damage was so great that nothing really worked.

When she passed away I wasn't surprised, I was just grateful that she hung on as long as she did for us, because that's what she did.

From that, understanding the psychological, physical, and emotional pain that takes on somebody, I started getting worried as I got older even before she had passed that if I'm not moving enough, I could do something wrong, and I was- I was falling. I would walk off of a ledge, off of a curb, twist my foot and I would fall. So I knew I was headed for broken hip, broken shoulder, surgeries, and I was very deathly afraid of that.

So from the death of my sister, although I started trying to work out, whip myself back into shape, I was still getting injured. I started getting nerve pain in my feet. I went through a lot to try and figure that out. While I was going to all of these physical therapy and doctor appointments and getting MRIs, I was working with Ed and with Kyle, and come to find out, really it was more muscular skeletal, which was a relief because that pain was starting to get me severely depressed. Since coming to RD and working with them, I've come to realize that I no longer have a future of being trapped within my mind and within this pain. It was like a door was opened. I'm so grateful to be here."

—Kim A. of Monroe, NY

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