Joe S of Monroe, NY


"Two years ago my father passed away. I watched him have a lot of difficulty. From the age of 70-75 his health declined rapidly; he could barely get out of a chair, he had chronic pain, he could barely move. Granted, he had a prosthetic leg, but there are plenty of people with prosthetic legs that can do all sorts of things.

I think after his passing I kind of started to look back at myself and the fact that I could barely move my shoulders, my elbow was stiff, and I had carpel tunnel in both hands. It seemed like a prudent time to start doing something. It was to the point that I would try to close the windows in the house and I could barely do it because there would be this shooting pain down my arm. At age 40, there was no reason for me to be in that kind of state.

The first thing I did was start eating better. I did some physical therapy for the elbow, which helped, then I tried to start up at a traditional gym, but it didn’t stick. I wound up coming to Results Driven. Through doing a lot of the movement training we do at RD, my shoulders got 100 times better. I am stronger than I could have ever imagined, and I regained control of my life."

—Joe S of Monroe, NY

Ed McKayComment