Coach Kim of Monroe, NY


"This transition feels like the biggest responsibility of my life. As you get older, you go through different challenges that add value to your life, whether it’s school, entering adulthood, getting a job, buying a house; all things that I’ve personally experienced. But there’s something completely different when I’m literally growing a human inside of me, and then knowing I have to take care of a human for the rest of my years. It’s a real mashup of feelings and emotions. Whether I feel super excited, nervous, or am going through bodily changes that makes me feel, at times, like a different person, I still have to figure out how to find the energy to take care of myself and still bring value to my clients.

Now that I’m approaching motherhood, there has definitely been a change in mindset and how I approach my role as a coach. I feel like the more experiences you have in life the more relatable you become, and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re looking to do. We want to build relationships and show how much we care about coaching and our clients. Before, I felt like I did not have any insight into what it’s like to have a child or just care about someone so much more than yourself. That’s the ultimate feeling; having that person. You care about your friends and family, sometimes even more than yourself, but being a mother brings it to another level. I think from a coach’s perspective, it’s definitely changing me already. I’ve always cared, but now it just gives me that extra motivation for myself, but also in helping other people try to maintain the health and fitness they need to be strong for their family."

Ed McKayComment