Michele R. of Monroe N.Y.


Inspiration for me comes in a few different forms.  One of them is my children, especially my daughter.  I want to be a strong and healthy role model for them.  My daughter gets so excited EVERY time we pass by RD, and she always points out "There's your gym with the ropes!"

The other end of the inspiration/motivation is the people I am surrounded with each time I am here.  The energy in a team  training, or even in a small group, is enough to push me.  Depending on who I’m "partnered" with for the workout, makes me go heavier, do more reps, etc.  I’ve also watched other members who have been here for a while and see what they can do.  It makes me want to do the same (watching the swings, seeing the barbell deadlift for example).  These teammates, whether they know it or not, push me to be better each time I am here.  The coaches have helped me to set goals, and now I can work toward something, or even crush it.  Everyone in here pushes me to be better.  

When I first joined RD almost a year ago, my initial reasons for joining were to feel better about myself.  Since then my focus has shifted to be more performance based.  Because I know I have the support of those around me, I feel like I can and will always do better.

Michele R. of Monroe N.Y.

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