What's the Secret? Tracking!

Whenever we start a blog post with, "What if I told you..." we feel like Morpheus from The Matrix. 

Anyway... what if we told you that a little 3x5 card was the key to reaching your goals? Tracking is a strategy that can assist us in and out of the gym. Do you track your finances; the milage on your car for work; people's birthdays? These things are important to you, aren't they?

If your fitness goal is important to you, start tracking it! Here are some recommendations from your coaches at Results Driven to help you get the ball rolling!

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1) Choose a Goal

Seems redundant to ask this question but it's a pertinent one. What's your goal? Whatever it is, break it down into digestible pieces. Strength coach Dan John puts it like this, "Imagine you went to college and they gave you every piece of homework for every course you'd take over the next four years your first day. Do you think you'd finish?"

So many times we are so focused on the end result that we lose focus on little things that get us there. "The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step." - Lao Tzu. Take your pie in the sky goal and break it down. Choose one and say, "Am I 90-100% sure I can achieve this goal?" If the answer is yes, start there.


2) Find A Mode of Transportation

Now that we've chosen a goal, how are you going to track? Physical pen and paper? Google doc? An app? This entire process needs to be geared towards winning! Find the mode of transportation that's going to get you there. Make sure it's as easy as possible for you to manage.

If you don't carry a bag or a purse, are you going to carry a notebook? No? Do you carry your phone (dumb question, right?)? Can you try an app? YES! Sweet! Start there! If you're working on a fat loss or strength goal, write down your end goal, then 2 process goals to support that goal. If you want to get to a healthy body fat range, maybe start by exercising 3 days a week and writing down your food. Again remember ask yourself, "Am I 90-100% sure I can achieve this goal?" Yes? Sweet!


3) Don't Give Up

Achieving a goal is not easy. If it was, everyone would achieve all of their goals and we wouldn't have having this conversation. Recently, Gary Vaynerchuk had a post on Instagram talking about the book, "The Secret." His point was that it's not a magical formula. When you set a goal, then take small steps towards it, you typically land somewhere in the area of that goal! 

However, you'll never get there if you stop trying. You're going to have speed bumps along the way, but they are just that, speed bumps! Do you not go to the mall because of a bump in the road? No! You slow down (hopefully), drive over it and continue on. Same applies here. Acknowledge the speed bump, but keep going!

Reach Your Goals!

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