Weekend Workout #4

Hey Team! It's the weekend!

Are you heading to the gym? Try this combo from RD!

1) Back Lunge:

ww_170825_Back Lunge 3x2.jpg

1) Start with the weight in front of your heart and feet under your hips.
2) Begin the movement by taking a medium sized step backwards.
3) Once your foot connects, lower yourself down to a half kneeling position.
4) Keep tension through your feet into the ground and push your self back up to standing.
5) Choose to do the second side or the same side for your next rep.


2) Hanging Hollow:

ww_170825_Hanging Hollow 3x2.jpg

1) Find a grip slightly wider than your shoulders. 
2) Suspend yourself from the bar and pull your shoulders away from the ears.
3) Bring your feet out in front and squeeze your knees together.
4) Start to shorten the distance between your belly button and your ribs. 
5) Further reinforce your core tension by pushing your hands into the bar, like you’re trying to bring the bar to your toes.

3) Deadlift

ww_170825_DL 3x2.jpg

1) To start, stand over the object. Feet are slightly wider than hips and your toes are turned out slightly.
2) Keeping your spine neutral, guide your butt back for the wall behind you to create tension through your butt and hamstrings.
3) Find your grip and pack your shoulders away from your ears.
4) Once you're set, push your feet through the floor to stand. Get tall. Lock out the knees and squeeze your butt. 
5) To finish, guide your butt back towards the wall behind you and push the weight down to the start position. 


4) Push-Up

ww_170825_Push-Up 3x2.jpg

1) Find your push-up position; hands shoulder width with the heel of your hand just ahead of the shoulder and your feet a comfortable distance apart.
2) Grip the ground with your hands and shift your weight back into your heels.
3) As you grip the ground, PULL your chest down towards the floor.
4) While you're pulling down, continue to drive back into your heels.
5) Hit the bottom with all your tension and DRIVE back up to the start position.


5) Crawl

ww_170825_Crawl 3x2.jpg

1) Start with your hands under your shoulder and knees under your hips.
2) Relax. Your spine should be in a similar posture to your standing posture.
3) Maintain your back's position as you move. Remember, you’re moving opposite limbs; right hand, left leg then left hand, right leg.
4) Place a ball, dowel or foam roll on your back to keep your hips from shifting too much. This will teach you to control your core as you move.
5) When you can crawl proficiently with the ball on your back, use your hands and feet to move. That’s really “fun.”

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