Weekend Workout 3

1) Lateral Split Squat

JFlanagan Lat SS 3x2 .jpg

1) Start with your feet wide, 1.5-2x the width of your hips.
2) Begin by sitting your butt back like you’re reaching for a bench.
3) In a perfect world, the depth you’re striving for is your butt parallel with your knee.
4) Corkscrew your foot into the floor to set your knee in a strong position. 
5) Continue to push and dial that foot as you come back up to your tall, standing position. Repeat.


2) Inverted Row Batwing

EMcKay Batwing 3x2.jpg

1) Grip the handles and walk your feet towards the wall to create resistance.
2) Push your shoulder blades down towards your pants pockets, shoulders way from ears.
3) Pull your chest to the handles keeping all of the connections from #2.
4) Maintain a solid plank, quads tight, butt tight, crushing the handles.
5) Focus on the belly breath and holding that position for as long as you can keep the breath.


3) Farmers Carry

JFerd Farmers Carry 3x2.jpg

1) Choose a weight you can hold based on the distance you’re walking. Heavy, light, long and short. Pick a combination and get after it.
2) With one weight in each hand, stand very tall.
3) While you walk, breathe. This is critical.
4) Keep a slow pace.
5) Put them down safely. 


4) Walkout 2

JFisch Walkout2 3x2.jpg

1) Start standing.
2) Bring your hands to the floor. It's ok if you bend your knees.
3) Slowly walk yourself out to a plank position. Create tension. Squeeze your quads and butt, and brace your core.
4) Take 2 steps right, then come back to the middle, then 2 steps left, back to the middle.
5) Slowly walk yourself back up to standing.


5) Half Kneel AR Press

KToole AR Press 3x2.jpg

1) Set up with one knee up and one knee down far enough from the band that you get resistance.
2) Start with your hands in front of your heart.
3) Maintaining position, take a deep breath in and press the band away.
4) Pause at the end, then return your hands to your chest.
5) Repeat.

Reach your goals!

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