Weekend Workout 2

Take the weekend by the horns! Try this 5 move workout from RD!

1) Goblet Split Squat

1) Start in half kneel (one knee up, one knee down). Weight in front of your heart.
2) Drive both feet through the floor, standing up to a split stance.
3) On the way down, bend the back knee first.
4) Find your half kneel position at the bottom.
5) Repeat.


2) Staggered Stance 3 Point Row

1) Put the weight next to your front foot.
2) Plant that foot, then move your other foot WAY BACK!
3) Grip the weight and row your elbow just past your rib cage.
4) On the way down, keep the shoulder still.
5) Extend your arm and repeat. 


3) Kettlebell Swing

1) Start in the bottom of your deadlift position with the bell under your eyes.
2) Grip the bell, shoulders away from ears.
3) Hike the bell back towards your butt.
4) Drive through the ground like you're jumping.
5) Let the bell float, then catch it with your hips and repeat.


4) Mountain Climber

1) Start in a push-up position.
2) Drive your hands into the ground.
3) PULL your knee up, keeping the spine still.
4) PUSH your foot back to the start.
5) Maintain your tension and repeat on the other side.


5) Dead Bug

1) Start on your back. Feet off the floor, knees over hips, arms bent or extended.
2) SMUSH your lower back into the floor.
3) Keep the back smushed and slowly extend one leg.
4) Only extend the leg as far as you can while keeping the back smushed.
5) Bring the leg back, repeat on the other side.

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