Two Minute Tuesday: Training for Strength vs. Other Goals

It's Two... Minute... Tuesday! This week's question came from Frimet. She wanted to know the difference between training for fat loss versus strength training.

Check out the video and scroll down for the cliff notes!

Cliff Notes:

> Nutrition and recovery, exercise choice, sets, reps, and volume are all things to consider when training for strength and fat loss, but if there's no movement foundation, you're fighting an uphill battle.
> In order to have the process be as efficient and sustainable as possible, we need to build a strong foundation of movement, work capacity, and strength.

1) Get a movement screen done, find out your priority pattern.
> Avoid negative input. If you can’t touch your toes or have a dysfunctional or asymmetrical leg raise, one of the best things you can do short term is avoid running. If you have a lack of shoulder mobility, overhead work is probably not the best idea.

2) Honor the progression: mobility -> static motor control -> dynamic motor control -> strength

3) Improve work capacity: the amount of work you can do under the right conditions (posture, breathing, heart rate, etc.)

Two types of work capacity training we take advantage of at RD…

1 - Position specific work capacity based on your Functional Movement Screen.

Ex. Leg raise people will:

  • Rely on half kneeling as a main position that you cannot do enough work under the right conditions.
  • Increasing the length of time you can maintain postural and breath integrity in a half kneeling position means increased work capacity.
    • starting simply with reaching and breathing.
    • progressing to added resistance with slow controlled tempo - half kneeling AR press, halo, chops, and lifts.
    • add speed with medicine ball tosses and battle ropes in half kneel.


2 - General work capacity.

  • Using total body movements that don’t serve as negative input, in terms of your movement profile, and don’t require much skill.  
  • Three of our go to moves are sled push, variety of different loaded carries, and battle ropes.

Reach Your Goals!