Two Minute Tuesday: Restorative Routines for Home

Movement is a big part of the Results Driven system. This week, we took a question from Jessica asking for some advice on how to build an "off day" type workout or recovery program.

Watch Coach Ed's feedback on this week's Two Minute Tuesday and read below for some more info!

The Short List:

> Consider your training and choose restorative exercises that compliment it.
> What level of stress are you under? If you're calm, choose exercises that are challenging but don't smoke you. If you're stressed, pick exercises that calm you and focus on breath.
> If movement is an issue, choose exercises that compliment your movement screen.
> Make sure, whatever you choose, your choices are: addressing as many joints of the body as possible, focusing on a specific mobility or stability issue and that what you choose is fun!


Consider this...

What you do on rest days will really depend on what you do on your work days. Analyze what type of training you do. Your restorative program should complement your training by filling in the gaps.

For example, if you're an endurance athlete vs. some who lifts, you want to choose exercises to do on your off days that bring you back to neutral. Neutral could mean two different things: neutral could be exercises that calm your nervous system like indian clubs or low weight get-ups. It could also be exercises that bring your movement back. 

Something else to consider when choosing a restorative routine is how much stress is in your life. Stress could be work and life stress, but it could also be workout stress. Are you training really hard for a race or competition? If you're in a high-stress state, choose exercises that calm you. If you have any stubborn movement issues, incorporate movements that bring your body back to your movement baseline.

Our Recommendations...

A home restorative regimen should be 3 things:
1) Daily movement routine to address a specific mobility or stability issue;
2) A full body regimen that helps offset the stress of life and training;
3) Fun!

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