Time is the Enemy of Fitness

“There’s not enough time in the day.”

“I’m running out of time.”

“I hardly have time to breathe.”

These are a few things we tell ourselves when we mean one thing: I have a shortage of time.

Time is a precious and priceless commodity that no one really has control over. This sad fact penetrates through all of our daily activities, especially our fitness practice (or lack there of).

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Five Reasons Why Time Crushes Fitness

  1. There’s simply not enough time in the day. With school, work, kids, parents, significant others, pets, etc, it’s understandable that we cannot fit exercise or even movement into the routine.

  2. We have other priorities. See point number one! Making TIME for ourselves seems impossible when we are pulled in ten thousand other directions. Maybe being there for our family is just a little more important than deadlifting…

  3. Excuses are easy to make. “I would but…” “I was going to but…” On the off chance that we do have some time to ourselves, finding something better, more fun, or more productive takes precedence.

  4. The misconception that results come only if we workout for hours on end every single day. “If I don’t have 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, what’s the point of getting started?”

  5. We cannot get motivated no matter what. It pains us to even think about anything involving fitness because we don’t know where to start.


How to Crush the Enemy

  1. Sit down and plan. Look for time during the week when a workout would fit smoothly into the schedule with no stress.

  2. Cut workouts to under one hour per session. The “traditional” way of exercising, spending hours and hours at the gym can be counterproductive. Keeping workouts short also ensures that they will indeed get done.

  3. Phone a friend! Find someone you enjoy moving with and keep each other accountable. This is an easy way to make sure both parties show up ON TIME. Get it?

  4. Be efficient. By pairing non-competing upper and lower body exercises like a squat and a row or a lunge and a plank you can move more quickly getting more done in less time! With this strategy you can be in and out of the gym in an hour.

Time is the enemy of fitness. We can wish for more of it, make excuses and find reasons to not workout, but how will that help us in the long run? If we play around and find ways to destroy our shortness of time, we’ll be healthier and happier with our movement practice.

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