The Power of Breath: The Coach's Corner

How can something so simple be so effective!?

This week on The Coach's Corner, Coach Ed brings us into the coach's meeting with T as we try to figure out the best solution to address her toe touch.

Coach Ed brings us through what happened, how we saw improvement, and then gives a few pointers to go home with. More below!

The Takeaway:

For those of you that are newer to fitness or at least not as experienced with our fitness system, I want you to take away three main points

1 - If we want to improve a specific quality, you have to test/retest;
2 - You do not truly own a position unless you can breath in it;
3 - Theres is always something new to learn about a movement. 

Theresa has been performing split squats for a few years now, but just had a major breakthrough by improving her breath and alignment.

For the people who are more experienced, it's important to note:

If you don’t improve the active straight leg raise, improvements in toe touch are less likely to be sustainable.  This is why we chose a split hips position in the passive leg lower and the open half kneel breathing drill.  If you can gain control over your breath when when hip is in a flexed position and the other is neutral or extended, it tends to carry over better to the active straight leg raise.

Babies are born with adequate mobility but they have to systematically gain motor control.  The first place is breath, then head and neck movement, followed by the limbs.  Eventually they roll, and make their way onto their stomachs, before they transition up to a quadruped position. 

We chose leg lowering as theresa’s second drill, because we needed something between further down the progression, in order to help her earn her breath in quadruped position.

Breathing always matters, but we only go into this much detail when your movement screen and our deeper analysis points us toward breathing as a solution.  If you don’t have an underlying mobility or motor control deficit that is preventing you from achieving one of your goals, JUST TRAIN.  If it ain't broke, don’t fix it!

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