The House of Pain Rule | The Fitness Show

"Pack it up, pack it in..."

If you can't finish the lyric... BBBBYYYYEEEE

On this weeks episode of The Fitness Show, we're talking about the 2 kinds of fitness people in the summer, people who "pack it up" and say, "See you in September," and people who "pack it in," and get the most out of the summer months.

We have strategies to help both groups!

After that, since we're talking about summer, we're addressing summer alcohol consumption. Is it considered one cheat or two? We'll discuss!

The Take-Away

Segment 1: The "House of Pain" Rule

There are 2 kinds of people when it comes to fitness in the summer, we call it the, "House of Pain" rule. Which one are you?

Pack it Up:


Let the summer get the best of them.
Eat all the foods, drink all the drinks.
Take "relaxation" to the max and stop being active.
See you in September!

Summer Fitness Strategies:

Commit to 1 habit! Can you:
1) Drink more water? Hydration is underestimated as a fitness and fat loss tool. During the summer months, can you drink 64oz. of water a day? If not, can you you do to work towards it?
2) Eat More Frequently? If you haven't heard, eating every 2 to 4 hours is our first nutrition habit. Can you have 3 square meals, and then even just one snack? Try it out!
3) Move more frequently?  Walking 3 to 4 times a week would be great. The point is to carve the time out of your schedule, so you're ready in September.
4) De-stress? Sleep more. Take up meditation or yoga. See friends and family. As long as it's a 0 calorie de-stressing tactic, we're all for it!

Ultimately, to goal for our, "pack it in," friends is to set yourself up for September. Throwing the summer away is counter productive. Adding just one of these to your summer gets you in the rhythm of doing one of these things. They're healthy things you should be doing anyway, so you're not going to lose by adopting just one over the summer!Let’s start with our “pack it up” friends. As we get older, this is how we look at the summer sometimes. This is a time to relax, enjoy our time with family and friends, eat all the foods and drink all the drinks.


Pack it In:


Schedule lightens up.
Ready to commit to a goal.
Limited distractions.
Can finally bring give themselves some TLC.

Summer Strategies:

1) Choose a goal. Do you have a exercise goal or a nutrition goal? What does that mean? Do you want to learn a new skill or lift more weight or focus on nutrition and body composition? 
2) Acknowledge obstacles. Part of achieving a goal, is knowing when life will get in the way. Plan out vacations and engagements, talk to a coach, and maximize every day you can!
3) Continue to talk to a coach. Goal setting and planning are not easy tasks. Talk to a coach when you're feeling challenged or when you feel like you're crushing it and want the next step.

This is your opportunity to work towards your goal. Make a plan and stick to it! If you're having trouble, we're here to help! Just email:


Segment 2: Tracking Alcohol

The summer is the time where we drink all of the drinks, but if we're being mindful of what we eat, how should we track it?

Our simple answer is, if you have an off plan meal with one caloric beverage, just count it as one off plan meal, not too. When would there be an exception?

1) Your goal is to be very lean, then count it as two cheats.
2) You pass the "moderation" phase and you feel it in the morning.

Our general recommendation for going out is from men's hormone expert, Ali Gilbert. If you're going out, choose one indulgence. If you're having the bread, skip the alcohol. If you're having alcohol, skip the cake. This way, you've committed to one "cheat," but didn't over do it.