Test and Rest: Leveling Up!

Whether your goal is to look, move or feel better, the process at RD starts with assessment. Screening your movement allows us to make sure we're choosing the most appropriate exercises for you to reach your goal.

Amanda has been a member since April. After her original screen, our first course of action was to improve her ankle mobility. Coming 3-5 times per week, Amanda's hard work paid off and both ankles cleared up. The process doesn't stop there, though. Next, a re-screen lead us to address her hip mobility and core stability.

At RD, once you've been screened and we've chosen a course of action, we want to make sure we reassess within the next few weeks. Your body is different from the next person, so we need to check if we've picked the right corrective strategy for you. Different corrective exercises work better for different people.

Like we mentioned in a previous post, the Functional Movement Screen works through a specific order. We address mobility first with the Active Straight Leg Raise and Shoulder Mobility assessments. Next, the stability of the body is broken down using the Rotary Stability and Trunk Stability Push-up screens.

The Active Straight Leg Raise lets us know movements like deadlifts are safe

Amanda's screen showed that her Active Straight Leg Raise (left) and Rotary Stability (right) were not quite up to par. Working hard for 2 weeks, both patterns met the screen's standard.  Now, we are able to start improving her Trunk Stability Push-up (TSPU). This movement pattern tends to take the longest to improve because it's a combination of strength and tension. The tall kneel chop (sequence on the bottom) is a great way to teach the body how to keep the hips and spine stable, while the upper body is in motion.  

Chops combined with planks and drills like mountain climbers and walkouts will help build the stability and strength necessary for Amanda's body to become that much more functional. Increased function means increased movement capacity. The more movement's her body is able to adapt to means the world is her oyster in terms of strength and skills. 

Keep kicking butt, Amanda!

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