Tasty Tuesday: Kale and Eggs


3 Eggs

1 C of Kale of your choice


+ Heat the pan on medium heat with 1tbsp of olive/coconut/avocado oil.
+ Sauté 1 cup Kale with garlic, salt and pepper until soft and slightly wilted. Place on your plate.
+ Cook eggs to preference (sunny side up is a rich option because the yolks run on to the kale).
+ Put eggs over kale.
+ Have a piece of fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth in the morning.

This is a great anytime meal. Eggs don’t have to be a breakfast food. Have this dish as a quick lunch, dinner or snack. An anytime meal is a meal you have at any point during the day except after a workout. It includes protein, veggies, healthy fats and fruit, if you want.

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