Weekend Workout 1

Try this weekend workout to get build muscle and torch calories!


1) Goblet Squat

1) Feet hip width(ish) apart. Toes turned slightly out.
2) Hold the weight in front of your heart. Keep your elbows tight to your ribcage.
3) With tension, pull your butt down between your heels to the depth that feels safe for you.
4) Drive your knees out to the side and “pry” your hips to find lower body tension.
5) Continue to maintain your tension while you push through floor to stand.


2) 3 Point Bent Over Row

1) Start an arms distance from a pole or wall. 
2) With the weight at your feet, rest your hand on the wall, then push your butt back.
3) Hips should be between knees and shoulders.
4) Grab the weight, lock in the shoulder, then row your elbow to your ribcage.
5) Push the weight back down toward the floor.


3) Kettlebell Deadlift

1) To start, stand over the object. Feet are slightly wider than hips and your toes are turned out slightly.
2) Keeping your spine neutral, guide your butt back for the wall behind you to create tension through your butt and hamstrings.
3) Find your grip and pack your shoulders away from your ears.
4) Once you're set, push your feet through the floor to stand. Get tall. Lock out the knees and squeeze your butt. 
5) To finish, guide your butt back towards the wall behind you and push the weight down to the start position. 


4) Shoulder Tap Plank

1) Start in a push-up position, but with hands touching and feet wide.
2) Tense your body, dial your hands into the floor, quads tight, butt tight.
3) Push one hand through the floor, making your other hand weightless.
4) Tap your opposite shoulder, then return to start position.
5) Repeat.

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Rewind Wednesday: Spice, Squats and No Cookies

From the title, you can tell this past week was full of ups and downs. Spice and squats? YES! No cookies... huh? You guys enjoyed our Mexican Stuffed Peppers recipe and chimed in for our final squat video. Last week's achievements board was highlighted by a lot of personal accomplishments. Just another week of fun, strength and success at RD!

Here's what happened last week at Results Driven!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements

Whether it was a return from an absence, deadlifting our heaviest bell, or celebrating success avoiding cookies, Results Driven is centered around people taking ownership of their awesomeness! 

Last week had 3 stand out moments. One was the return of the Egg Man, Mike. A true fan favorite, Mike has been absent for a few weeks. His absence was felt by many members. When he made his return last week, he was ready to get back into the swing of things. Hugs and hand shakes were exchanged, then it was time to get to business. His wife said he was excited to be back. We were happy to have him.

Another great moment was Elaine deadlifting the 48k bell (108 lbs). Yes, we celebrate strength, we're a gym. However, we don't celebrate it just for the fact that it's cool. It's more about what it represents. Elaine was deadlifting the 36k bell earlier in the session. Next, she was encouraged to pick up the 40k. After her final set, members looked on as she went over, stood over the damn bell, and ripped it off of the floor. Elaine over came her own limitations in the span of 10 minutes. That's why strength training is so powerful.

Speaking of powerful moments, our last one of the week came on Saturday when Sue said no to cookies. A professed sugar lover, evenings and weekends are perfect times to get a fix. Recently however, Sue's been trying to kick sugar and has had success. A few indulgences here and there didn't lead to full on sugar over load, which in our minds, is a success! Like Dan John says, "Better is better." Sue has the power to reduce her sugar intake. This is the first step.  

Movement of the Week: Goblet Squat

So you've learned how to safely squat using support and how to build strength in the bottom of the squat off of a box. Now it's time for the real deal!

Take the skills you've worked on and apply them to one of the most effective exercises for strength and torching calories. Let's get SQUATTING!

Click the picture to watch and learn.

Recipe of the Week: Mexican Stuffed Peppers


In under an hour you could be enjoying this delicious, spicy stuffed pepper!

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Fit Tip Friday: Goblet Squat

The squat is a classic strength movement, but there are lots of little things that need to be done right. Watch this video and read below for some tips.

1... Set up with feet hip width, weight in front of your heart, elbows to ribs, toes turned out.
2... Pull down with tension, while prying your hips apart and dialing your feet.
3... At the bottom, stay tall, don't lean. Maintain your tension.
4... Continue your tension as you drive out of the bottom. 
5... Get all the way tall at the top.

We're happy to work with any skill level.

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