Injury Prevention

Movement Monday: The Injury Stigma Pt 2

Part one of this series discussed the idea that addressing movement is not just for injured people. Using the FMS, we can work ahead of the curve and help address risk factors before they create dysfunction. 

In this video we take a deeper look into what a "movement risk factor" looks like. We discuss the information the FMS gives us and how we use it to help members. You'll also learn more about why addressing movement is a proactive approach which helps you stay healthier, longer.

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Movement Monday: The Injury Stigma Pt 1

Most people think about addressing movement after it's too late. When they've already been injured.

How are we to know any different though? How can we tell if we're at risk?

Just like blood pressure, movement can be assessed to let a professional know whether you are at risk or not. That screen is called The Functional Movement Screen. Performing this 7 movement assessment gives us the information we need to understand how you are at potential risk and what we can do to move you in the right direction.

Check out what Coach Ed and Mike relate movement to blood pressure to help you understand why it's important to get screened.