Fit Tip Friday

Fit Tip Friday: Slow Farmer's Carry

The Farmer's Carry is a staple exercise here at Results Driven that helps members improve strength, posture and balance.

Watch the video then scroll down to get the basics!

1) To start, grab two lighter weights with one bell in each hand. Pick up the weights, stand tall and find your breath.

2)  Walk! Take small steps while maintaining your posture and breath

3) Go slow! Explore your whole foot. Enjoy the time on one leg. Make your steps as smooth as possible.

Train With Purpose!

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Fit Tip Friday: Support Squat

How Do We Get Members to Start Squatting? 

Assuming there are no movement restrictions like pain or limited joint mobility, we start with the support squat. Here’s how it works:

1) Start close to your support and take a small step back.

2) Turn your feet out slightly.

3) Begin by pulling your butt down towards the floor. Aim for your heals.

4) Staying upright, get the hips to the same plane as your knees.

5) Pull your knees apart for tension in the bottom, and maintain that tension as you stand.

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