Fit Tip Friday: Slow Farmer's Carry

The Farmer's Carry is a staple exercise here at Results Driven that helps members improve strength, posture and balance.

Watch the video then scroll down to get the basics!

1) To start, grab two lighter weights with one bell in each hand. Pick up the weights, stand tall and find your breath.

2)  Walk! Take small steps while maintaining your posture and breath

3) Go slow! Explore your whole foot. Enjoy the time on one leg. Make your steps as smooth as possible.

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Strength 101: Farmer's Carry

Carry Heavy Things

What’s the one exercise humans have done since the dawn of time? CARRY STUFF. It's the simplest ways to increase your strength.

Why? Gray Cook says it best, “Demonstrate alignment and integrity under load.” Carrying challenges your body to "survive." Bad posture isn’t an option when you’re carrying half or even three quarters of your body weight. Your ability to breath and maintain good posture during this exercise is where the magic happens. Here’s how you start:

1… Choose a weight you can hold based on the distance you’re walking. Heavy, light, long and short. Pick a combination and get after it.

2… With one weight in each hand, stand very tall. “Fight for centimeters,” as Dr. Mark Cheng would say.

3… While you walk, breathe. This is critical.

4… Keep a slow to medium pace. However fast you can walk while the weights stay in control.

5… Put them down safely. 

If you’re just getting back into a fitness routine, this is a great exercise to start with. It’s cheap and takes little skill. Remember, stay tall and breathe. That’s all you have to do. 

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Goblet Carry: The Secret Sauce

When we talk about secret sauce, we're not talking about McDonalds.

STIM Goblet Carry 5x4.jpg

Carries are the secret sauce to any fitness regiment. Almost anyone can do them and there's a broad menu of carries to choose from. Pictured above is the Goblet Carry. This is a helpful carry to learn because the goblet position (object in front of the heart) is a comfortable place to hold a weight while strength training. 

To find the goblet position:

1) Hold a kettlebell "by the horns" (the section of the handle where it meets the round part of the bell).

2) Keep the elbows tight to the body and the bell in front of the heart.

3) Hold the bell a few inches from your chest and don't let the weight pull your shoulders forward. Keep them wide. 

4) Find the connection between your ribs and hips. It's normal to want to lean back to counter-balance the weight. Instead, take a deep breath and brace your core.

5) Stay tall, shoulders wide. Reach the top of your head for the sky like someone is pulling you towards the ceiling. Then, go for a walk.

Besides engraining the goblet position, this carry will give you a nice burn to your core, arms and back. Remember, stay tall, breathe and keep the ribs connected to the hips.

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