Movement Monday: Quadruped Hip CARs

In your warm-up, try to address something for the spine, hips and shoulders. Over the last 2 weeks, we've given you a choice for shoulder and spine. Here's one way we attack the hips!

1… Set up on your forearms. Elbows under shoulders, knees under hips, palms flat.

2… Create upper body tension by trying to rip the floor under your hands.

3… Begin by bringing your knee towards your elbow. Next, bring the knee and ankle out to the side. 

4… When you can’t go any further, twist your heel towards the ceiling until your knee is in-line with your body. Then back to the floor.

5… Do three in this direction, then three in the other direction by reversing the steps. 

A very important part of this or any CARs exercise, is keeping everything as still as possible while you move. In this case, keep your whole body motionless while the leg moves. This makes sure you’re getting authentic range of motion coming from the hip, with no compensation from lower back or torso.

Now you know how RD warms up your shoulders, spine and hips. 

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Movement Monday: Half Kneel Shoulder CARs

CARs exercises, controlled rotations of a joint, are effective ways to create mobility. Learn to control your shoulder with this high-tension exercise, performed in half kneel.

Watch the video and read the pointers below.

1... Start with one knee up and one knee down.

2... The hand on the "down knee" side reaches across the body and latches on to the "up knee."

3... With your free arm, keep your elbow straight and raise your thumb towards the sky.

4... When you hit a block, turn the hand and continue your circle.

5... Draw the BIGGEST circle you can keeping the arm as close to the body as possible.

This exercise should not be painful, just uncomfortable from all the tension. Enjoy!

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Exorcise the Demons: Quadruped Spinal CARs

The warm-up. Arguably the most contested part of the entire workout. Do you stretch? Should you stretch? What kind of stretching? Dynamic? Static? For how long?

At RD, we use a combination of “stretches” to mobilize our joints and increase tissue temperature. Following the FMS and FRC systems, we approach the warm-up in a systematic way to prepare for the workout ahead. 10 minutes and we’re ready to go.

One of our most effective warm-up moves is what we call, “Quadruped Spinal CARs.” What is this? It’s a higher intensity “cat, camel,” for our yoga friends out there. This movement allows us to explore the mobility of our spine, and what segments we have control over. The more control we have over the spine, the better it will adapt to the stresses of daily life.

Here’s how it works:

1… Set up in quadruped position, on all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips. 

2… Let the chest and belly button sink down towards the floor to “sag” the spine. Look at something across the room and take a breath.

3… Start rounding your back from the bottom. Push the spot just above your butt towards the ceiling. Try to control each vertebra as best you can. Round all the way to the neck.

4… Let your head fall down. Push your hands and knees through the floor and take another breath.

5… Keep your chin to your neck and reverse the movement. Start “unrounding” from the base of the spine, controlling spot by spot until you find your start position.

We want to mobilize shoulders, hips and spine in our warm-up, among other things. Many people get hips and shoulders but forget all the joints in-between. Get the spine moving and you’ll be surprised how much more range of motion you can get from your hips and shoulders.