Surviving the Summer | The Fitness Show

With holidays, get togethers and all kinds of celebrations right around the corner, we don't want your health and fitness to suffer!

In this episode of The Fitness Show, the RD coaches have a bunch of tips for you to work towards your goals and still enjoy yourself! Check out our fitness tips, then stick around for THE ONE nutrition tip you need every holiday.

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The Take-Away:

Segment 1: Coach's Travel Tips for the Fitness Conscience

People work very hard to maintain their exercise and nutrition habits. A vacation may be short, but at times it's enough to throw people off their game for a few days or weeks afterwards while they regain their bearings. 

Here are the tips from some of the RD staff for keeping up with your health and nutrition on vacation:

Coach Mike:

Perform descending sets. Who wants their workout on vacation to feel like... work? Descending sets is his vacation go-to. Choose a few body weight exercises, then do them in a circuit. Start with 10 reps, then decrease by 2 until you get to 0. Each set feels easier so you're more likely to follow through.

Coach Ed:

Managing the time you'll exercise is his tip. Most people feel if they're working isn't AT LEAST an hour, it's not worth the time, plus, who wants to carve out an hour of their vacation to workout? Making your workouts 30 minutes or less!

For nutrition, his recommendation is to stop at a grocery store and pick up healthy snacks. If you have small meals in between your big meals, you're less likely to over eat.

Coach Violet:

Violet's reminder is you don't have to do everything at once. Do some squats in the morning and maybe some deadbugs in the afternoon. Then, at night, just go for a walk. Seems too simple, but it keeps you focused on just moving throughout the day.

Coach Theresa:

There's vacation strategy is all about eating frequency! When she has a big meal coming up, she'll make sure to get in her breakfast and lunch with 2 small snacks in between. She knows it's an effective strategy because she doesn't over indulge at dinner. The next day she feels normal, as opposed to sluggish and lethargic because she gorged herself the night before.

Coach Jenna:

On vacation, Coach Jenna make's sure she's prepared. She's not into regimented exercise, she just makes sure to get out for a hike or other outdoor activity. With that, she sure she's also prepared with snacks so she's not too tempted to stuff her face after an activity.


Segment 2: A Holiday Nutrition Strategy

Part of changing your body composition is having more meals that move you towards your goal than the other way around.

Our recommendation for holiday nutrition, no matter whether it's Memorial Day, The Fourth of July or Thanksgiving is this: If you can plan to have breakfast and 2 snacks, even if you indulge for lunch and dinner, you’ve still had more beneficial meals than detrimental ones.

On holidays, how many times do we wake up late and skip breakfast and our first snack? If we can hedge our day by making sure we eat breakfast and have that first snack, then get another good small meal between lunch and dinner, we’ve done what we can to eat well and stay closer to on the plan.

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest!

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