Suitcase Carry | 60 Second Fit Tip

Some aspects of our training should resemble things we do in real life, whether it's getting up and down off of the ground, crawling or carrying.

Here, Coach Mike walks us through the suitcase carry, aka the walking side plank! Give it a shot!

The Take-Away:

We're not sure if you knew this but, carries are awesome! We use different carries to challenge the body in different ways. When it comes to the suitcase carry, we love it because of how awkward it is. With the weight on one side of your body, it challenges your balance, posture and gate. Here's how it works!

1) Hold the weight in one hand.
2) Walk!
3) Try to maintain the smoothest gate possible with the best posture you can maintain.
4) Make sure you can breathe!
5) Walk as far as you can while maintaining posture, gate and breath, and when things go south, switch sides and compare.

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