Stronger Together: The Importance of a Fitness Community

Our faces are tinted blue with the glow of our phones and computers. We sit in our cars disconnected from the world or on buses or trains with our headphones in hoping now one bothers us. What happened to that little piece of us that used to think, "I need to be a part of something bigger!"

At the same time, that a sense of belonging and community is important and essential to our human nature. So, what can we do to feel connected to those around us that doesn’t feel like we need to sing “Kumbaya?” We think it’s crucial to have a place where we have a sense of belonging...maybe like a local gym? YEAH!

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RD League, Unite!

  1. Working out in groups can act as a place of stress relief and a reprieve from daily life.

  2. Human beings need a strong sense of community, bonding and healthy friendships.

  3. Competition, play and having fun may boost a fitness practice if surrounded by positivity.

Quick Tips

  1. Befriend Others - Learning to meet new people and create connections will lead to accountability. Call that new friend and make sure they’re working out with you this week, you both will receive the benefits of being sociable.

  2. Be Open - Keep an open mind so that learning new skills with others becomes habit. Chances are, we’ll never have a time in life without the company of other people. So, let the gym be a place to practice relating to fellow members through learning and moving!

  3. Be Inclusive - It’s not easy being the “new kid in town”, so when a newbie shows up give them a warm welcome. Accepting others will boost both parties confidence and creates a space with a sense of belonging.

We all crave connection at some point. Why not start right now? We can change a lot if we allow community to be a part of our movement practice. We are stronger together. Oh, and don’t forget “The workout doesn’t count unless we high five!”

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