Strength Starts With Assessment: Hips

If you have lower body tightness, listen up!

For a multitude of reasons, a lot of people we come in contact with have a tight lower body (hamstrings, calves, ankles, hips etc). Many people also acknowledge some kind of lower back discomfort or tightness. 

2 things. The human body shouldn't feel "tight" and in a perfect world, we shouldn't be in chronic pain. What we've found at Results Driven, is that by getting the body moving, a lot of tightness and pain seems to dissipate over time (as a disclaimer, we do not treat pain directly). 

If you have lower body tightness in the hips or low back, check out this video and read below for 3 exercises to add to your workout to get you moving better!


1... Foam Rolling

The quad is one of the first places we hit with a foam roll. Here's how it works:

1... Start with one leg out to the side, one leg straight, and you're down on your forearms.

2... Begin with the foam roll at the top of the quad where it meets the hip.

3... Slowly roll down the quad, exploring to see if you find any "nasty" spots that make you wince in discomfort.

4... When you find those spots, STOP and breathe deep! Breath will release the spot after a while.

5... Continue to explore. Stop on those funky spots and breathe. Go down to just above the knee and back up to the top of the quad.


2... Half Kneel AR Press

The AR press is an excellent exercise to start with for improving hip function. Try this:

1… Set up with one knee up and one knee down far enough from the band that you get resistance.

2… Start with your hands in front of your heart.

3… Maintaining position, take a deep breath in. Exhale, and press the band away.

4… Pause at the end, then return your hands to your chest.

5… Repeat.


3... Leg Lowering

Although it looks silly, this exercise is the last step to moving better each day.

1... Start on your back with one leg up a pole or door way, and the other leg straight out.

2... Make sure the hamstring on your "up" leg is stretched, but not so much you want to cry. Toes on both feet should be pulled back towards your shins.

3... With both feet together, slowly lower the free leg. Breathe in on the way down.

4... Keep the toes on your moving leg facing the ceiling. Don't let them turn out.

5... Tap the floor, pillow or pad and come back up to the top, breathing out. 


Movement rehabilitation doesn't have to happen at a PT clinic. A trainer worth their salt should be able to not only help you lose some excess pounds, but help your body feel better as well. 

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