Squats on Squats: Cossack Squats

Symmetrical strength builds stronger squats.

Symmetrical strength is important. If one leg is drastically stronger than the other, you're going to continue to favor one side, raising the risk of injury.

Cossack squats are a great way to get strong and assess strength and coordination between right and left side. Here's how it works:

1) Start with your feet very wide. A little wider than you’re comfortable with. 
2) Shift your weight to one side. Pull your butt down below your hip. 
3) Breathe in on the way down.
4) As you melt down into the position, dial your foot into the floor, like you’re twisting your foot into the sand.
5) Exhale. Keep dialing as you push your foot through the floor to come back to standing. Repeat.

It’s important to note this can be a difficult movement. Use support in the beginning to build confidence.

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