Single Arm Row | 60 Second Fit Tips

We always want to put members in a position to be successful. Since we work with members of all different ages and abilities, we want to find exercises that are accessible to beginners but are still challenging and useful to more experienced clients as well!

The standing single-arm row is a great entry point to learn appropriate rowing technique and build upper body strength. For more experienced people, horizontal pulling exercises like this one can lay the foundation for hanging or pull-ups later on.

Check out this 60 Second Fit-tip to get started!

The Take-away

1) Stand with your feet in a squat stance, about shoulder width apart and toes slightly turned out.
2) Make sure you are far enough away from the anchor point that there is tension on the band or cable, when your arm is straight.
3) Descend 1 quarter of the way into the squat.
4) Pull the band back until your elbow is next to your side.
5) Slowly push the band away with the same tension to extend your arm.
6) Perform 8-12 reps on each side.

2 of the biggest mistakes we'll see in this exercise is the ribs flaring and the shoulders shrugging. To combat the shoulders shrugging, think about scraping your elbow on the floor to avoid shrugging your shoulder up. For the ribcage, bringing your myzone and belt buckle closer together.  If you don’t have a myzone, think trash compactor abs, clamp your ribcage onto your abs and bring your imaginary belt buckle up.

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