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Part of eating healthy is conserving brain power. We recommend finding a few different recipes for protein, vegetables and carbohydrates that are tasty and low maintenance.

With the summer here, salads are an easy meal choice, but they can get boring. So, how can we keep them interesting without spending too much energy on deciding what to do?

In this episode of The Fitness Show, Coach Mike dives in to 2 of his favorite salads. With the same base, he makes 2 salads that are tasty and require minimal ingredients, so there's less thinking and more nam nam nam. Thanks for watching!

The Take-Away:

When you're thinking of healthy eating, try your best to keep it simple. Time is the biggest obstacle to eating healthy, so if we can keep things interesting, but easy on the brain, we're more likely to keep up the habit. That's what this is all about, right?

Here is Coach Mike strategy for salads:

1) Choose a base you like. Which greens do you like? Spinach, romaine, spring mix arugula, all of the above? Put together a combo that works for you and stick to it.

2) What base vegetables do you like that add flavor. Preferably these would toe the line between different styles of food. Base vegetables for Coach Mike are red onion, some tomato, and banana peppers.

3) Add main ingredient to take it in the direction you're looking for. For example, in the episode, Coach Mike adds olives, cucumber, some feta and red wine vinaigrette for a greek style salad. For a latin salad, he adds avocado, black beans, cilantro and tangerine.

4) Pick a protein. For a greek salad maybe go in a chicken direction. For latin, maybe go with a marinated ground beef. When you've gotten to this point, you're on your way to having a meal that's delicious, has all the components of a healthy meal and was easy to make. Who would have thought?!

So, what salads to you like? Chef salad? Greek? Buffalo chicken? Find those salads you like, get the ingredients and build. Try to keep a few similar components between them so it's not too much work to plug and play throughout your week.

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