Rules of the Road: 10 Nutrition Habits


The 10 Nutrition Habits:

1… Eat every 2-4 hours.

2… Eat complete, lean protein with every meal.

3… Eat vegetables with every meal.

4… If fat loss is your goal, eat vegetables with every meal, fruit with any meal, “other carbs” only after exercise.

5… Eat healthy fats with every meal (except after workouts).

6… Don’t drink beverages with more than 0 calories.

7… Eat whole foods instead of supplements, whenever possible.

8… Plan ahead and prepare food in advance.

9… Eat as wide a variety of good food as much as possible.

10… Plan to break the rules 10% of the time (3-4 times per week).

Cliff Notes:

Q: “When should we have fats, carbs and protein?”

A: Protein, vegetables and fat should be eaten with every meal. Generally, if your goal is fat loss, plan your carbs or starchy vegetables for after a workout to take advantage of the extra sugar (your muscles use the sugar using science to do good things for you). 


Consider the habits above the “rules of the road.” Going from point A to point B requires certain things to happen. Whether you’re driving or trying to reach a fat loss / performance goal, there are FUNDAMENTAL parts to the puzzle that need to be in place for you to reach your destination. 

At RD, most nutrition conversations come back to this list. Starting with rule number one, we explore each habit, in sequence, until we find the point to attack. Now, it's important to note that each member is different, but in most cases, using these rules as a reference gives people the habits they need to make progress.

This weeks question is from a new member. She comes from a military background and has more fitness experience than most. They asked:

“Food placement during the day. When should we have fats, carbs and protein?”

This is a great question and it helps explain why these guidelines are so helpful.

To this person, our first response would be, “What is your goal?” These are general nutrition guidelines. Sometimes, depending on the person and what they're trying to achieve, these habits may need to be tweaked (specifically the "carb" timing).

Let’s say their goal is fat loss. The next question would be, “Are you eating every 2-4 hours?” Why? Because if you’re not eating, when you should eat certain macronutrients isn’t our first concern! In the craziness of diets and quick fixes, people jump chapters ahead without addressing the basics. Are you eating? Do you eat more than once, twice or three times a day? You’d be surprised how many people struggle just to eat more than once in a day. They have hectic jobs and schedules and fall victim to their environment. 

To get back to her question, let’s say, “yes, I am eating every 2-4 hours.” After that, they’d want to consult the list of habits to answer their own questions. If you eat every 2-4 hours, you should be having (2) Compete, lean protein with every meal and (3) vegetables with every meal. (4) and (5) complete her question. 


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