Rock Your Jeans Story: Christine

This is Christine.

She's excited about the Rock Your Jeans Challenge. Fitting into her jeans is important to her, but it's the last thing she mentions. All of the numerous benefits she's seen from exercising are the real achievements and her dedication to creating better habits will lead to her reaching her goals.

Check out her quote below!

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“The physical and mental transformation that I've experienced since joining RD includes so many changes I have wanted to make for a very long time; changes I've tried to accomplish myself but never could quite got there. 

My main goals are to feel better in general, move better, sleep better, gain self-confidence and OF COURSE FAT LOSS! I have suffered from pretty debilitating migraines for as long as I can remember, but exercising, learning how to eat healthier, stretching, and all of the other awesome stuff we do at RD has really helped me manage them. I also want to get into the routine of food journaling; something I have tried to make a habit of but seem to fail at time and time again after only a few days. Joining this challenge is just another push for me to go even further in achieving my goals!

I am most excited about how much better I will feel in 6 weeks! I have done one other challenge at RD and loved the friendly competition and motivation everyone shared in achieving their goals. Also, I would love to fit back into some of my old clothes that I am hording at my mother’s house because I don't have room for them (I refuse to let her throw them out). I'm sure she will be thrilled with that outcome as well.

I can't wait to be able to button my jeans!”

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