Rewind Wednesdays: Achievements, Choices and Standing Still

Last week we saw the return of members who were out of town, 4 new people started their RD journey, we talked nutrition by discussing what drives your food choices during the holidays and we all stood still on Saturday.

Another week of fun and success at RD! Here's a quick recap!

Last week's Achievements Board

Heavy swings were on the board for Jess and Sue! At RD, we preach strength for 2 reasons. One, building muscle increases the amount of calories we burn each day, ultimately burning more fat. Strength also promotes a certain level of function in the body. Being able to deadlift/squat/press a certain weight is impressive, but it also means your body is able to move the way it was meant to.

Other movement/strength achievements included Kim deadlifting 205lb for 5 reps, Jeremiah and Frimet pulling off their first pistol squat, and Elfie getting in her regular first squats. We also had great energy Wednesday, Friday and Saturday! Many people comment on how fun it is to be here and the support they get from other members. Positive vibes reinforce the over-all kickass atmosphere. Thanks team!

The Mannequin Challenge!

Building on that "having fun" thing, RD members participated in the Mannequin Challenge this past weekend. The goal is to shoot a video where everyone stays CRAZY still and to see what shenanigans they can hold.

We had some hangers, a handstand and a creepy dude getting familiar with a support pillar. All in a days work we say! Check it out above!

Article of the week:

Nutrition Decisions: What Drives Your Choices?

With the holidays, some people feel motived to "stay on track" while others beat themselves up for making the "wrong" choices. Recently we've tried to reinforce that there's no going back. Being healthy and eating well is the only way to age gracefully. So, do your best not to get down on yourself for eating all the comfort foods of the holidays.

Perception is reality, they say. So, instead of being self defeating, it’s our job as coaches to help members have fun and minimize “the damage.” To do this, we need to educate them and give them strategies to implement. 

Click HERE read the top article of this week, where we recommend 3 ways to help make better choices this holiday!

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