Rewind Wednesday: Week of September 4, 2017

Last week, members started to get back into their routines after a long summer, and solid measurements made the board! Leslie and Lu crushed their body composition goals for the summer. We also had a bunch of firsts and a massive Bring-A-Friend workout on Saturday!

For content, our community enjoyed Coach Ed's Humans of Results Driven and our throwback post focuses on a conversation we hear a lot; what weighs more, muscle or fat?

Just another fun week at RD!

Watch: Last Week's Achievments!

Content of the Week:
Humans of RD: Ed's Story

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It's a funny thing being a coach, because people automatically assume that we've got it all together from a fitness standpoint. People assume that fitness comes easy to us, and really the other side of it, health comes easy to us.

My start with fitness was the stereotypical wanting to get strong, get better for sports, just get in better shape. I really got serious with it when I got really sick. 

I'll never forget sitting in the cardiac section of the hospital in Tampa, Florida. I was at a Rays versus Yankees game, and I had an asthma attack. My resting heart rate was 140. I remember the sound of the beeping, and the feeling of being in a hospital gown, and being a 20 something year old guy failing a stress test. That night, I wasn’t allowed to be released because they were afraid I was not stable enough to survive the night.

I had a lot of things wrong, asthma, eczema, digestive issues, and I was always told that nothing was wrong. I just started to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole with fitness, and nutrition. I eventually figured out it was celiac, which had some other autoimmune components. This made me realize that it's your responsibility. If your health is falling apart, you have nobody to blame other than yourself. For me, there were a lot of little things I was ignoring. I was ignoring signs that I wasn't healthy.

Through some really good quality coaches and mentors, I was able to gain my own health back. I'll never let my fitness get away from me, even though it does try pretty frequently to slide away. This is why I can't see myself doing anything else other than coaching, because if I can spend the numerous hours I do per week sitting here waiting for the opportunity to be the catalyst for change for somebody else who needs to regain their health, there's nothing better than that.

Coach Ed McKay of Central Valley, NY

Throwback Post:
Which Weighs More The Muscle or the Egg

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This is a conversation we hear a lot: Well, muscle weighs more than fat, so (fill in the blank). 
News flash, a pound is a pound. Learn more about this conversation by clicking below!

Drop 2 Sizes in 6 Weeks!
It's the Rock Your Jeans Challenge

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