Rewind Wednesday: Week of October 30, 2017

Wow... the week started and ended on HIGH NOTES!

On Monday, Sam deadlifted 255 for 3 reps... TWICE and Sandy rack walked a 28K. On Saturday, we had 40+ people here to participate in our get-up seminar! There was lots of cool stuff that happened in between.

For content, Coach Jenna was our "Human" of the week, and Coach Mike shows you an inexpensive tool you can use at home to get fit!

Check out what happened last week!

Watch: Last Weeks Achievements

Content of the Week: 
Humans of Results Driven - Jenna's Story

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"I realized I had a body image issue as a kid. I remember comparing myself to others, "Oh, I don't look like that," "I need to wear a tankini," and always sucking my stomach in. Then, as I got older, I gained a lot of weight and looking in the mirror, I felt disassociated, and really not connected to my body. That was the most difficult part. 

Going from there, I can't remember a point at which I kind of started to change, but I remember starting to feel good about myself and feeling good about my body. Even though I'm in a better place now I still struggle with everything, body image, fitness goals, food, you name it. It's just taking it one day at a time and just trying to be gentle with myself and not be so hard on myself, because life's not supposed to be so serious."

Jenna D. of Monroe, N.Y.

Tip of the Week:
Invisible Sled Push

The sled push is one of our favorite exercises to kick peoples butts safely. Obviously, not everyone has a sled, so how can you get the same effect at home?
Here, Coach Mike goes over an alternative we use in our Team Training classes. This is the invisible sled push!


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