Rewind Wednesday: Week of August 14, 2017

Last week was really exciting! Heavy carries started the week. Heavy deadlifts and swings carried the middle of the week. Torching calories  and core work finished the week. For content, Janine's Humans of Results Driven was a hit and our throwback post this week has suggestions for healthy snacks!

Check out who kicked butt this last week on this week's Rewind Wednesday!

Humans of Results Driven: Janine's Story

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I'd invested 20 years into a career. I also chose to have children and raise a family.

After 20 years, it became pretty evident to my husband and I that one of us needed to leave the workforce to invest in our home and the rearing of our children, with their ages being 16, 13 and 9, it was time for there to be a presence in the home for them. I drew that straw.

I lost a lot when I left that job. I lost belonging somewhere. I lost adult speak. I lost camaraderie. I lost some power, some decision making. When the kids go to school, there are a lot of lonely hours, so I thought, "This is the absolute right time for me to completely reinvest in myself, take my goals and my training and invest the effort that I no longer invest in that part of my world and translate it into this one."

The passion that I had around my career is now channeled into something new. It's about me and my fitness, and finding this particular gym (Results Driven) has given me an outlet. It gave me back so much of what I left. 

I like being around people. I like helping people. I like eye opening moments for people around me. I like being part of something and I’m having a great time here. So much so that RD is allowing me to rediscover myself under a new career. This is a great opportunity to try something new that I’m passionate about that I can channel energy and effort into and I’m excited again!

Janine F. of Monroe, N.Y.

Throwback Post: 10 RD Approved Snacks

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One of our favorite questions to ask here at RD is, "What foods do you like to eat?"

Check out this quick post on 10 snacks to enjoy during your big three meals of the day.

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