Rewind Wednesday: Tacos, Turkey and Recovery

Tacos, turkey and recovery... odd combination, but roll with us! The week started with a video from Coach Ed and Coach Mike explaining that if you want to reach higher goals, you have to give more attention to recovery. An excellent turkey burger recipe came up on Tasty Tuesday, and we ended the week on a high note with Coach Rob in a taco hat. Hopefully more weeks end that way!

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Watch: Last Week's Achievements

Last week was another fun week at Results Driven, ending with a high-energy "bring-a-friend" workout on Saturday.

Working backwards, Saturday featured coaches dressed in their finest Cinco De Mayo garb. Members brought friends and family along for a fun workout with a DJ and good times. Brothers, daughters and neighbors saw what Results Driven is all about: fun, hard work and community. Big thanks to everyone who came out. For those of you who didn't, there's more to come later this month.

On Thursday, congratulations goes to Kathy on her first swings. As coaches, choosing when it's time for someone to finally swing is like picking a ripe apple. We just see the parts click and know it's time to get after it. Kathy has been practicing her swing progressions for a few weeks and has been deadlifting for a few months. The swing is VERY technical, so we have members deadlift for a LONG time before they start working on swing drills. Swinging too early just means having to go back and work on fundamentals later on. We hold members back for their own good with GREAT results. Nice job, Kathy!

Lastly, big shout out to Chris for his first Small Group Training session. Chris comes from a power lifting background but has recently decided that becoming more mobile is now top priority. He's already fit, but "fitness" doesn't necessarily mean healthy joints. Kudos to him for letting the professionals here at RD to do our jobs, guide him in the direction of his goals, and allowing himself to be comfortable starting from the ground up.

Recipe of the Week: Turkey Burgers

Try this easy, minimal ingredient, TASTY turkey burger! Make improving your diet more fun!

Click the picture to download the recipe from your friends here at Results Driven! 

Content of the Week: 

Movement Monday: More Output, More Input

How long can you redline your car until it conks out?

How long can you redline your body until it does the same?

In this installment of Movement Monday, we take a look at output and input. We always want results, but are we addressing the other side of the coin?

Check out the video, watch the outtakes, and get some practical advise from your friends at Results Driven!

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