Rewind Wednesday: Sue, Jodi and Broccoli

Last week we saw heavy sled pushes, a 300 pound deadlift and "twinning," make it to the achievements board. We also saw a lot of heart felt comments for our first "Humans of Results Driven," post highlighting Jodi and you guys were digging the Lemon Broccoli recipe.

Check out Coach Mike's recap and get links below to all of last week's awesome content in another installment of Rewind Wednesday!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements

Recipe of the Week: Lemon Broccoli

How can we get more vegetables into our meals? Make them taste delicious!

Here's a simple, 4 ingredient vegetable recipe from Results Driven with a download available! 

Content of the Week: Humans of Results Driven

For a lot of RD members, exercise and being fit can means much more than getting into the jeans they wore in high school.

"In 2015 my husband had two stem cell transplants back-to-back… In watching him do that, I saw him accomplish something that a lot of people can’t recover from. I reflected to myself, "If that were me, could I do that? Am I that physically fit that my body would bounce back and recover like that?'”

Jodi is a strong woman, not because of what she does at RD, but because her attitude and outlook on life help her to handle adversity. She put family first when they needed her. Going through this hard time put things in perspective, and lead her to invest in herself, so she could be strong for them.

Click the picture to check out Jodi’s story. This is “Humans of Results Driven.”

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