Rewind Wednesday: Success, Squash and Assessment

Results Driven is in the middle of a challenge. New Year, New You is in full swing! Everyone's trying to make changes and this is where the most impressive breakthroughs happen!

Look at what happened last week at RD!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements

All of these accomplishments are big, but 2 stand out for us this past week. 

When people join RD, they're ready to make a change. That change comes from a healthy diet and exercise. The exercise piece is obvious, but the hardest part is addressing one's eating habits. On Thursday, both Tess and Elaine made progress in that department.

Tess tackled meal prep, a corner stone to eating healthier. Trying to make "good" choices on the fly can work, but it's not a long term solution. Making food ahead of time is the only way to ensure the healthiest options are in reach. Tess used her infused olive oils to make chicken and roasted broccoli and she said it was amazing! Great job, Tess!

Elaine is our other rock star from last week who crossed off another goal from her list. She food journaled for 3 weeks. This is no light task. It's a simple thing to do, but remembering to do it is the hard part. 

Tracking your food is the only way to see what you've eaten. Most people can remember what they ate yesterday, but past that, it's a blur. Losing fat is a cumulative effort done over several months or years. Writing down what you ate, how much you ate, and when you ate it is the most effective way to make a change to your diet.

Keep crossing goals off the goal board, Laine! You're kicking butt!

Last Week's Recipe: Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup_Fotor.jpg

Time is of the essence, so having quick, simple recipes on hand is key. Try this easy soup recipe for a comforting bowl of deliciousness. Get the recipe below!

Article of the Week:

Strength Starts with Assessment: Hips

With stiff hips and legs, it's easy for us to start having lower back pain.

It doesn't have to be that way! Click the picture above. Watch video and add these 3 exercises to your routine.

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