Rewind Wednesday: Smiles, Anticipation, and Deadbugs

Last week we highlighted our “smile-iest” member, the New Year, New You Challenge came to an end and you learned the closest thing we do to a crunch at Results Driven!

Here’s what happened last week at RD!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements!

Last week’s goal board featured a TON of swings, the end of the challenge, and “Anticipation = Bacon.” 

Again, it never gets old (to us anyway) talking about how impressive our members are. Griff carried two 48k kettlebells, Jodi, Sue and Chris all swung heavier bells for the first time and Rob deadlifted 235. 

Last week also marked the final stretch of the NYNY Challenge. For 6 weeks, members and non-members committed themselves to learning new nutrition habits and working out in a new way. The energy was great all 6 weeks and most participants lost fat and gained or maintained their muscle mass. Next week, we’ll share a recap of the actual results and who walked home with $1,500!

The last highlight from last week comes in the form of bacon. Saturday morning, Coach Rob was demonstrating an exercise and how participants should anticipate a compensation and be ready.  One thing lead to another, and Rob wanted the anticipation to be so vivid that you could smell it. What did it smell like? Bacon! Everyone had a good laugh and at the end of the session, that was what remained. Between the coaches and the members there’s a lot of laughs had, which adds to the positive vibes here at Results Driven.

Movement of the Week:


This is the closest thing to a crunch we do at Results Driven!

Not only does it burn up the core, but the trunk position is made stronger for pressing and push-ups later on.

Watch the video and give it a try!

Content of the Week:

RD Member Testimonial: Shannon's Story

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