Rewind Wednesday: Seafood, Deadlifts and Functional Training

Last week's highlights included 2 come backs, swing progressions and functional training. In terms of awesome RD content, you guys responded to the Salmon Burger recipe and our "butt to wall" drill that we use to get people deadlifting.

Thank you for joining us for another addition of Rewind Wednesday!

Watch: Last Week's Achievements

Last week, a common theme was mind over matter. That's one reason why we love strength training. Every time you're challenging yourself. That doesn't mean lifting heavier every session, but when you focus on practicing an exercise, there's always room for improvement. 

First off we have Amy's double kettlebell Cossack Squat with 14k bells. 60ish pounds in hand, wide feet, and getting her hips below her knee. It's incredible. She's been practicing for months and has challenged herself to Cossack Squat 14s, 16s (70ish pounds) and 18s (80ish pounds). Her form is clean, so ultimately it just continues to come down to practice and testing the limits. Great job, Amy!

Second shout out goes to Inez! Great lady! She's always trusted in our process and has felt the improvements in her body since she started. Last week, she deadlifted a 32k bell for the first time and started her swing progressions. This is cool because she didn't have much of an exercise background before starting at RD. With encouragement from her coaches and fellow members, she's exceeded her expectations and is continuing down the path to awesomeness. Keep it up, Inez!

Lastly, congratulations to Jeannine. On Wednesday, she came in for her Small Group Training with a story. She went to Home Depot to get paver patio blocks. She needed 80 or so. One would assume they would need help moving these things. After getting a cart, the task of moving the blocks was up to her. She was worried, but was surprised that moving the blocks was a breeze. They were stacked, pushed to the register, then loaded into her car, not to mention they had to be removed from said vehicle when she got home. She did it all by herself, no pain or strain!

Your training should improve your life. Thank you to all of our members who trust in our system and see the benefits of their hard work. We're really proud of you all!

Recipe of the Week: Salmon Burgers

Grilling season can't come soon enough!

Here's a delicious take on Salmon Burgers from Results Driven. Download below!

Content of the Week:

Fit Tip Friday: Butt to Wall

Results Driven always wants to meet members at their ability level. This approach ensures safety and comfort.

Deadlifting is one of those movements people are either afraid of or eager to try. This is where we start everyone, no matter their experience level.

Try out this tried and true drill to start your path to deadlift-mania!

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